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About Us

Harley Waxing is a UK based company. We have achieved rapid success gaining the custom of many award winning top Spas and Salons. This success can be attributed to the many year of experience in the health and beauty industry. The development and formation of our products, as well as our devotion to excellent customer service. 

At the core of our Harley Wax range are the Harley Hard Waxes and the Harley Strip Waxes. What makes the range unique is that all the waxed are made with the finest natural ingredients available. Key components of the waxes is resin from pines trees and beeswax. Using high quality natural raw material. All the waxes have been formulated to have a low melting temperature, thereby reducing any excessive discomfort when applying the product. Harley Wax offers an exceptionally effective hair removal treatment. Along with nurturing and skin conditioning treatment.


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