5 Brazilian Waxing Tips for Estheticians

5 Brazilian Waxing Tips for Estheticians

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned esthetician, Brazilian waxes are often viewed as the achilles heel of esthetics. However, with proper training and a positive mindset, Brazilian waxes can become one of your favorite services to perform! Not only are you making someone else look and feel better, but you’re reaping the benefit of this lucrative skill. 

 Brazilian waxes have become the norm for many individuals in today’s world. According to researchers at the University of California-San Francisco, out of 3,316 women surveyed, 62% of them claimed to wax or shave all of their pubic hair, while only 16% claimed to go au naturel! 

 With the majority of women keeping their kitty hair-free, estheticians are growing less and less shy to incorporating Brazilian waxing services in their everyday lineup. 

Harley Waxing offers pre and post waxing products, along with top-notch film and hard waxes that are perfect for intimate waxing services in all hair types. They’re even suitable for those with sensitive skin! Below are 5 tips any esthetician can consider when giving their next Brazilian wax. 


1. Educate your guest before and after their Brazilian wax

 Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to someone, most likely a stranger, coming near your private parts. Before the service, educate your guest on how to prepare and what to expect. After the service, educate your guest on proper care and upkeep. Keeping your guest in the know is essential to successful waxing treatments and developing relationships! The more your guest can trust you, the more likely they will return to you. 


2. Do a patch test first

 As with any product, there are certain people that may be allergic. While Harley Waxing products are purposed for sensitive skin, it’s still wise to verify whether the product is safe to use on your guest; especially on such a sensitive area. Do a patch test beforehand by applying product to the back of your guest’s wrist to ensure their skin doesn’t grow irritated. After a few minutes and there’s no sign of redness or irritation, you’re in the clear for use! 


3. Create a welcoming, calming environment for your guest 

 Brazilian waxes aren’t exactly on the top of the “most relaxing” spa or salon treatments list. Because of this, it’s the esthetician’s job to help each guest feel at-ease throughout the service. Politely instruct guests to disrobe and clearly show them where to put their belongings. Explain or demonstrate how to position themselves on the waxing bed. Before leaving the room, tell them you will be back soon. Ensure them they are safe and secure, and you are there to accommodate their needs. 


4. Learn to appropriately position your guest

 The position of your guest will determine the difficulty of the waxing service. Use direct verbal cues with your guest and guide them to position themselves in a comfortable, accessible way. During the service, assist them with re-positioning and feeling relaxed. 


5. Provide immediate relief

 If you’ve ever been waxed before, you know the sting right after the wax is pulled off. Counteract this sting by immediately applying pressure to the freshly waxed after right after pulling. This will provide immense relief to your guest and decrease feelings of discomfort. 

Try our variety of hard waxes, film waxes, and pre & post care products for the optimal Brazilian wax service! 

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