Pre-Waxing and Post Waxing Products

Harley’s Pre and Post Waxing products are an essential step to a successful treatment.

Developed exclusively with the Harley waxing range to ensure optimum effectiveness of the waxes performance.

The products also ensure treatments are more comfortable and hygienic.

  • Both the Pre-Wax Cleanser & Toner and the Pre-Wax Oil prepare the skin for the treatment
  • The Cleaner & Toner enhances the performance of the wax by cleansing the skin
  • Pre-Wax Oil enables the wax to shrink wrap to the hair and not the skin (for Hard and Film Waxes only)
  • After Care Oil and Aloe Soothing gel conditions and nurtures the skin, reducing skin irritation and the possibility of any ingrown hairs 
  • Use our Cleanser & Toner, Pre-Wax Oil & After Care products for maximum results
  • Suitable for all skin types

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