Film and Hard Waxes

 Harley Film Wax is perfect for full-body waxing, combining the gentleness of Hard Wax with the spreadability of Soft Wax.

Use Harley Hard Waxes for smaller, sensitive areas such as underarms, facial waxing, and Brazilians. With its low melting temperature and quick drying time, it ensures client comfort and total satisfaction.

Our waxes are designed to provide the most comfortable and efficient hair removal experience possible.

Why waxing professionals love Harley Hard Waxes for their clients:

→ Removes hair as short as 1mm
→ Does not leave a sticky residue
→ Can be re-applied to the same area 2-3 times
→ Made from pine tree resin, beeswax, and essential oils
→ All our products are not tested on animals.
→ It is essential that you prepare the skin before waxing with Cleanser & Toner and Pre-Waxing Oil. → Then finish the treatment with our After Care Oil or Aloe Gel.
→ All Harley Wax products are manufactured to very high standards in the UK.

Packaging will be labeled "Hot Wax" as this is the terminology used in the UK where the product is manufactured.

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