Soft Wax

Use Harley Soft Wax for larger areas and facial waxing.

A very thin layer of wax is needed to grip the hair as short as 1mm. Our Soft Waxes have an extra-strong grip with no skin drag or sticky residue. 

  • Removes hair as short as 1mm
  • Use our Gold Wax for male clients
  • Use our Rose Wax for sensitive skin
  • Can be reapplied to the same area 2-3 times
  • Used on legs and arms for a faster waxing compared to Hard Wax
  • All our products are not tested on animals
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It is essential to prepare the skin with our Cleanser & Toner. Then finish the treatment with our After Care Oil or Aloe Gel for maximum results. 

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All Harley Wax products are manufactured to very high standards in the UK.