"How do you break Harley Hot (Hard) Wax?" 

The easiest way to break Hot (Hard) Wax is by using a hammer to gently tap and break the wax brick into smaller pieces. Should you not have a hammer on hand, we suggest placing the wax brick into a plastic bag and knocking it against a hard surface. This will break the wax into smaller pieces that can then be placed directly into your heater. 

"What is the difference between Harley Hot (Hard) Wax and Strip (Soft) Wax?"

Strip Wax is designed to be used on larger areas of skin and used in tandem with paper strips that adhere to the wax before removing it from the skin. Our Strip Waxes allows for a quicker and more cost-effective waxing treatment and remove hair as short as 1mm directly from the hair follicle. This reduces the chance of ingrown hairs and irregular hair regrowth.

Hot/Hard Wax is designed to be used on smaller, more sensitive areas of skin. Correct application of the wax and the use of Pre-Waxing Oil can reduce any discomfort to the client. Hot Wax does not require the use of paper strips because the wax hardens on application, allowing it to be directly removed from the skin.

"Where can I use Harley Film Wax?"

Film Wax can be used on all areas of the skin, including large regions, such as the back, chest, and legs. When correctly applied, the wax can be spread extremely thinly, making it a cost-effective solution for clients who do not wish to use Strip Wax.  

"Where can I use Harley Hot (Hard) Wax?"

Hot Wax can be used on smaller, more sensitive areas of skin, such as the face, underarms, and genital area.  

"What consistency should Harley Hot (Hard) and Film Wax have when applied?"

On application, Hot (Hard) and Film Wax should resemble the consistency of thick paint or honey. 

If the wax is too warm, you could potentially cause damage to the skin, and you will not be able to load enough onto the spatula to apply a correctly sized patch of wax. When loading the spatula, you should only need to turn it two or three times to have a “dollop” on the top that doesn't slide off as soon as you stop the swirling motion. If the wax drips after you stop turning the spatula, the product is too hot!  The warmer the wax, the thinner it will be, and wax that is too warm will run off the spatula so quickly that there will only be enough product left to apply a small patch. 

If the wax is too cool, it will start creating threads resembling cotton candy being spun when you turn the spatula, making it messy to work with. 

 "Can the Strip/Soft Wax container go directly in the warmer?"

Yes, our Strip Wax tubs are designed to be placed directly into a wax heater. The container is made of specially formulated heat-resistant plastic that will not be damaged while heating.

"Do I still need to use baby powder and/or corn starch with your waxes?"

Talc and corn starch are known to remove excess moisture from the skin, but we do not recommend using either with our waxes as this can increase the chances of the pores becoming blocked, thus increasing the chance of ingrown hairs. Harley Waxing has two specially formulated Pre-Waxing Products, a 2-in-one Cleanser & Toner and our Pre-Waxing Oil. 

The Cleanser & Toner will clean and sterilize the area and remove any excess oil and moisture from the skin and balancing the skin’s PH levels to allow for a more effective treatment.

Our Pre-Waxing Oil, which is designed to be used before applying Hot and Film Wax, creates a lipid barrier between the wax and the skin, further reducing any discomfort felt while at the same time hydrating the skin before the treatment.    

"What temperature should the warmer be kept?"

Individual heaters tend to vary widely in their capacity to melt wax at specific temperature settings. Therefore, we do not advise utilizing a specific temperature; achieving the right wax consistency is the most important aspect of the process. On application, the wax should have the consistency of thick paint or honey.

"In which order should the Pre and Post Products be used?"

Our Cleanser & Toner should be applied first when using all Harley Waxes, Hot, Strip, and Film. This cleans and sterilizes the area being waxed and balances the skin’s PH levels, allowing for a more effective wax. 

Our Pre-Waxing Oil is to be used after the Cleanser & Toner when using Hot or Film Wax. This oil creates a lipid barrier between the wax and the skin, allowing the wax to “shrink-wrap” the hairs and avoid direct contact with the skin. This creates less discomfort for the client and hydrates the skin prior to the treatment. 

Our After-Care products, both our After-Care Oil and Soothing Aloe Gel, can be used after all waxing treatments to soothe the skin and assist in reducing any inflammation. 

"Do I use both the After-Care Oil and Aloe Soothing Gel together?"

Our Aloe Soothing Gel can be followed up with our After-Care Oil; however, we suggest opting for one or the other. 

Harley Aloe Gel is best for clients with extra sensitive skin/areas and for clients that do not wish to have any oily residue left on their skin. The cooling and soothing properties of Aloe Vera make the Harley Aloe Soothing Gel an effective calming agent for irritated skin post-waxing.

Harley After-Care Oil is preferable when using Strip Wax, and it hydrates the skin and removes any wax residue left on the skin after the treatment. The anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil, combined with the calming properties of lavender, will leave your skin feeling conditioned and silky smooth.

"Which Harley Wax do you recommend for sensitive skin?"

All Harley Waxes are made with some of the highest quality natural raw ingredients and designed for use on sensitive skin. We do, however, advise our therapists that our waxes containing Titanium Dioxide are particularly suited to sensitive and extra-sensitive skin. 

Titanium Dioxide allows for a more delicate removal process and reduces irritation and redness, while simultaneously promoting skin hydration. Harley Waxes containing Titanium Dioxide are Rose Hot Wax, Chocolate Hot Wax, Azulene Film Wax, Rose Strip Wax, and Tea Tree Strip Wax.