The "Find Your Film" Kit

This kit will give you, the licensed professional, the ability to try all of Harley Waxing's ever-so-popular Film Waxes and decide which one is your favorite at a discounted price. It will also include 3 Harley Waxing Empty Cans which can be placed directly into your warmers so that you can change the waxes out as needed with minimal to no clean-up.  Full-Size Pre and Post products are included to complement the Film wax treatments. 

*All Products are Manufactured and Produced in England. 

Here's why you and your clients will love our film wax kit

→ A technologically advanced hybrid between a Hard Wax and a Soft Wax.
→ Removes hairs as short as 1mm
→ Eliminates the need to tweeze
→A very economical wax as ULTRA thin layers can be applied
→Ideal for Facial waxing
Great for Brazilians
→Has an extremely low melting temperature
→A must-have for any professional salon or spa
→It is essential that you prepare the skin with the Cleanser Toner and Pre-waxing Oil. Then finish the treatment with our After Care Oil or Aloe Gel.

All Harley Wax products are manufactured to very high standards in the UK.