The Benefits of using Pre and Post Products in your protocols

Before and After Care: The Perks of Using Pre and Post Wax Products in Your Protocols


Before and After Care: The Perks of Using Pre and Post Wax Products in Your Protocols

Are you looking to up-level your waxing services and create the kind of results that get client clients hooked? If you aren’t already including pre and post care to your treatments, it might be time to start.


While these types of products can feel like an extra step or expense, the truth is that they can be a game changer, in terms of client retention, getting better reviews and more repeat bookings. In other words, they’re investments that will more than pay for themselves, and can do a lot to boost your business. Here is what you need to know:


Perk #1: Enhance client comfort 

Pre and post-care products aren’t just for extra flourish. These are products specifically formulated by waxing experts, based on the science of the skin. For example, our Pre-Wax products are designed to prep the skin by cleansing and protecting the treatment area to make sure that wax adheres properly, eliminating the need to wax over certain areas more than once and risk lifting or irritating the skin. 


Meanwhile, applying Post-Care products like our After Oil or Aloe Soothing Gel will provide a nourishing skin treatment and reduce the odds that your client develops ingrown hairs. In other words, these steps are a must for ensuring a safe, seamless and luxurious waxing experience. 


Perk #2: Provide the perfect pampering 

Although it may sound simple, most clients do appreciate the small details that go into each visit. While waxing services tend to be quick and efficient, incorporating extra touches like cleansing, toning and applying oils can do wonders to make your customers feel like you are an expert professional who is going the extra mile for them. Instead of feeling rushed, they’ll feel like they’re being treated to an elevated self care experience, which will set you apart from other providers.


Perk #3: Deliver even better results with every service

Of course, what will ultimately keep your customers happy and forever on your books is getting the best outcome from treatment. Understand that it’s not just about hair removal, and that actually treating and nourishing the skin with proper care is what will create a softer, sleeker, and smoother end result that lasts for weeks at a time. 


The Essentials: Harley Waxing’s Product Picks

  • Cleanser and Toner - A multi-tasking pre-care product for maximum results. Our special formula works to remove dirt, oil, residue, and debris from the skin before you apply your wax, but additionally helps balance skin pH and tighten the pores for complete and comprehensive complexion care.


  • Pre-Waxing Oil - Another amazing go-to for waxing prep, our oil creates a protective lipid barrier between the skin and wax, so that wax is able to more efficiently grab on to small hairs and not the surface of the skin. This not only reduces pain and redness, but also the potential for ingrown hairs.


  • After Care Oil - For added protection and promoting optimal recovery, our After Care Oil contains soothing and antibacterial properties, the keep the skin clean and calm post-wax. Clients love that it leaves their skin feeling silky and refreshed.


  • Aloe After Care Soothing Gel - A natural skin-conditioning and hydrating ingredient, aloe makes a wonderful addition to any post-care protocol by delivering all of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera. Applying it as a final step aids in promoting skin repair as well as a smooth finish.

Written for Harley Waxing USA by Jenny Leazer-Ragolia, Licensed Esthetician


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