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Harley Waxing Hard (Hot) Wax Descriptions

June 14, 2021

Harley Waxing Hard Wax Hot Wax Stripless Wax

The Harley Hard (Hot) Wax


The acclaimed Harley Wax Hard (Hot) Wax range consists of five different Harley Hot (Hard) Waxes which vary in aroma and speciality. All the waxes in the Harley Hard (Hot) Wax range can be used for treatments for both men and women. They can be used for facial and body waxing, designed to remove hair quickly and comfortably on the brow, lip, chin (beard), nose, ear, underarm and bikini area. The reason it is ideal for these areas is down to three components of the wax; the ingredients and essential oils as well as the formulation of the wax. 

The Harley Chocolate Hard (Hot) Wax and Rose Hard (Hot) Wax are both Titanium Dioxide waxes. This is a new generation of professional wax that ensures a particular softness and smoothness to the wax. The wax will only adhere to the hair, reducing drag and pull on the skin. This makes for a very gentle wax treatment. Titanium Dioxide waxes are ideal for sensitive or dehydrated skins and are particularly recommended for skins that have been exposed to a little wear and tear. The Harley Aloe, Lavender and Summer Fruit are Micromica Liposoluble waxes, which gives the wax an amazing pearlised appearance. These waxes also contain the correct equilibrium between the refined resins and the delicate Micromica to ensure a super strong grip. Making this wax a true all rounder; both beautiful and effective. The formulation of the Harley Hard (Hot) waxes is the second component of our waxes which makes them exceptional. The waxes are designed to allow for a very low melt temperature and the ability to adhere to hairs as short as 1mm.

The aromas of the Harley Hard (Hot) Waxes add to the ambiance of a spa or salon. The Harley Rose Hard (Hot) wax transports your salon to the English countryside with its beautiful floral aroma and a creamy pink appearance. To create a pampering lavish treatment the heavenly, delectable scent of the Harley Chocolate Hard (Hot) Wax is ideal. The Harley Lavender Hard (Hot) Wax has a calming tranquil aroma and sets the scene for a relaxing treatment. The Harley Summer Fruit Hard (Hot) Wax is invigorating and refreshing embodying lively summer fun. Lastly we have the Harley Aloe Hard (Hot) wax. Aloe is known for its healing properties which allows for a nourishing treatment and is great for a wellness and health focused salon or spa.

Interested in sampling one of our Harley Hard Waxes? There is a link on our home pages to request a sample kit or email

 FYI: Hot Wax is the term used in UK where the products are manufactured. Hard Wax is how the wax is referred and recognized in the USA market. All packaging says "Hot Wax". 

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