Let's make you THE waxing queen! #thebritishwax

Let's make you THE waxing queen! #thebritishwax

When only the best wax will do!

If you have found yourself looking at your wax thinking “there has got to be something better out there”, we’ve got such good news for you there is; It’s #thebritishwax - Harley Waxing! Let’s make you more revenue and the waxing queen of your area! 

If you are new to the Harley Waxing story, we guarantee that you won’t ever look at professional depilatory wax the same way once you have tried our products. There is a reason beauty therapists & estheticians in more than 20 countries worldwide have trusted Harley Waxing products for so many years. Thanks in great part to our advancements in making wax treatments more effective, but also as a result of our range of superior quality products that speak for themselves. 

Our products include a variety of Film, Hard and Soft waxes, as well as a range of Pre and Post Products to compliment the waxes and ensure a skin nourishing wax service. 

We are also proud of our Top-Notch & Best Selling Film Waxes – a hybrid between a Hard wax and a Soft wax – optimized to possess all the best characteristics of both; the thin spreadability of a Soft Wax but the gentleness of a Hard Wax. The high-quality natural ingredients of beeswax and pine resin used to manufacture Harley Waxing products allows waxes to have a low-melting temperature and reduces adhesion to the skin. Which in turn makes for a much more comfortable waxing experience for your clients and them more likely to talk about you and your business to their friends and coworkers. 

Using these premium natural ingredients of beeswax and pine resin not only improves the quality of the waxes but also increases their effectiveness to remove even the most stubborn hairs thus eliminating the need to apply clean up strip (increased cost) & tweeze (increased time). 

Our waxes speak for themselves even thru your clients experiences too. 

What I hear from body waxing specialist using Harley Waxing products: 

  • “Oh my gosh it removes everything on the first strip - so I am not having to go back and tweeze or apply more product”
  • “My clients even comment how the new wax I’m using is less painful than before and they are staying smoother longer"
  • This one is from a clients walking out when I was at their studio delivering their wax order - “Thank you (& a hug); I can now go to work without red eyebrows after my eyebrow wax”
  • “My client base has increased because everyone is raving to their friends and coworkers about their results and how painless their wax is with me"
  • “I’m finding I’m not using nearly as much wax as I was before using Harley Waxing”

Let's raise your expectations on the wax you're using and make you the waxing queen with #thebritishwax!  

Have questions on which Harley Waxing product is right for you and your clients? 

Setup a consultation with a product specialist where we can work through specific questions and concerns and choose the perfect Harley Wax for you and you clients.

Email Nicole at nicole@harleywaxing.com to setup your Harley Waxing consultation call! 

As always, #keepcalmandwaxon! 

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