Waxing Techniques with Harley Waxing Products

Waxing Techniques with Harley Waxing Products

Waxing Techniques with Harley Wax Products

Every good waxer knows: not all wax is created equal.

Some wax leaves a mess. Some wax cracks. Some take too long to harden. And some are simply poor quality. So how can you avoid these common issues with waxing?

While seasoned waxers can (probably) make the product work, the time it takes to clean up and correct messes adds up.

And as that time adds up, so does the potential loss of income from taking more clients in a day. With the popularity of the waxing industry continually rising, no pro can afford to lose clients to the salon next door.

Trust us - it’s worth investing in the good stuff!

Whatever your favorite technique, you can be sure to find the best wax for any part of the body with Harley Waxing.

Harley Wax offers a variety of Pre & Post-Care products, Hard wax, and Soft wax. In addition, you can take your speed waxing techniques to a whole new level with the revolutionary Film Wax.

Film Wax was created as an advanced hybrid wax. It applies like soft wax, and removes as easily as hard wax - no strips required, and less clean-up for you!

First, decide which Film wax product best suits your client - and which aroma you prefer!

An extremely low melting temperature and ultra-strong grip mean you can finish your waxing session in record time. For larger areas, load up your applicator and apply a thin layer following the direction of hair growth.

Remember, the thinner you spread, the quicker it will dry!

Next, simply flick up to create a tab, and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Keep in mind the temperature and airflow of your treatment room. Since Film Wax dries quickly, it must also be removed quickly. Otherwise, you run the risk of brittle and cracking wax.

Harley Film Wax comes in three varieties: Azulene, Lavender, and Summer Fruits. This gives you plenty of options for ideal waxing of any gender, any skin type, and any area of the body - no matter the sensitivity.

Yes, even Brazilians (and Manzilians) too!

With the ability to remove hairs as short as 1mm, any tweezing needed will be minimal at best. Harley Wax saves you even more time, yet again!

Finally, finish your treatment with Harley After Wax Oil and Aloe Soothing Gel to ensure client comfort.

With five types of hard wax, four types of soft wax, and three options of film wax, we know you will find just the right products you’ve been waiting for.

Affordable pricing, best quality wax, and customer support you can count on - what else can you ask for?

Step up your hair removal business today with Harley Waxing!

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