What is the difference between Hard Wax and Film Wax?

What is the difference between Hard Wax and Film Wax?

Hard Wax vs. Film Wax: The Benefits and Key Differences + Our Top Waxing Product Picks


How well do you know your waxes? If you’ve shopped the market for professional waxing products in recent years, you know that the options continue to expand. Two of the most popular choices today are Hard (Hot) Wax and Film Wax. Both are fabulous choices for your waxing business, however it’s essential to understand that these two aren’t quite the same thing. 

Why is it important? As you may or may not already know, different waxes can be more beneficial for certain areas and types of waxing. Understanding the differences between your options will help you choose the best wax products to use for your business, according to your clients’ needs. Additionally, you will get better results and be able to provide the best waxing services possible. 


Here’s what you need to know:


Hard Wax 101

Simply put, our Hard Wax is a thicker wax formulation made from some of the finest natural pine tree resin, beeswax and essential oils. They are called “hard waxes” because the product hardens after being applied to the skin. Hard Wax is removed without the use of strips and can be easily removed by hand, once the wax cools. 

Our Hard (Hot) Waxes are made from high-quality natural ingredients and are available in 1-kilogram foil bricks. They are formulated to be used on smaller more intimate areas such as the face, bikini, and underarm. As this type of wax requires the application of pre-waxing oil, which creates a lipid barrier between the skin and the wax, it allows for a far more comfortable waxing experience for your client making it ideal for more sensitive areas. Hard Wax is applied in a figure of 8 motion, starting in the opposite direction of hair growth, this motion allows for the wax to pick up the hair ensuring maximum hair removal.  It is easily removed by hand (without strips), once the wax cools. An extra bonus to Harley Waxing products is that our wax has a lower melting and working temperature which allows it be a more comfortable and quicker treatment than strip wax. 

  •  The Benefits of Hard Wax: Hard wax is very gentle and melts at a low temperature, and does not leave a sticky residue, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin. Our formula is able to remove hair as short as 1mm, making it ideal for smaller areas and detailed work. Unlike soft or strip waxes, hard wax can also be applied to the same area of skin 2-3 times, if needed. 
  • What it’s best for? Smaller and more sensitive areas respond well to Hard Wax, making it a great choice for facial waxing, Brazilians, bikini, brows, and underarm waxing. 


Film Wax 101

Film wax is a hybrid between Hard (Hot) Wax and Soft (Strip) wax. It is an innovative solution for all areas because Film Wax can be applied using larger and thinner application like a Soft Wax, but is removed without a paper or cloth strip like a Hard Wax. Film Wax is also designed to be used on intimate sensitive areas with the use of our pre-wax oil, however, as this wax can be spread extremely thinly like a Soft Wax so it can also be used on larger areas such as the back, chest, legs, and arms. It is an incredibly lightweight wax that now comes in beaded form for easy storage and decanting. Our Film Waxes are made from resin and beeswax, and melts at a very low temperature.  Not only does this reduce the costings of your treatments in comparison to Hard Wax but as the wax is applied thinly, almost as thin as a Soft Wax would be, it can further reduce the timings of your treatment. It will take some practice to learn to correctly apply the Film Wax to get the maximum time and usage savings as this wax is to be applied in the direction of hair growth - as you would with strip wax. For the ease of dispensing and storage, our Film Waxes are now available in bead form in resealable bags. 

  • The Benefits of Film Wax: Due to its low melting point, film wax is very comfortable to apply during services. The ability to apply thin layers makes it economical and versatile for a variety of applications, large or small. Film Wax adheres well with small hairs (as short as 1 mm) and eliminates the need for tweezing.
  • What it’s best for? Film Wax is appropriate for all areas. It produces beautiful results for facial waxing, intimate waxing, leg waxing and everything in between.


Harley Waxing’s Product Picks

For all your waxing needs, Harley Waxing offers both Hard and Film Wax options made from only the finest, skin-friendly ingredients, manufactured according to the highest U.K. standards, and with natural essential oil aroma. 


Our Hard Wax and Film Wax line include the following:

Hard (Hot) Waxes (Available in 1kg/2.2lb foil-bricks/trays)

  • Rose
  • Chocolate
  • Aloe 

 Film Waxes (Available in 1kg/2.2lb beaded pouches)

  • Azulene
  • Lavender 
  • Summer Fruits 

Shop the Hard and Film Waxs: https://harleywaxing.com/collections/all

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