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The "Find Your Film" Kit

The "Find Your Film" Kit

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This kit will give you, the licensed professional, the ability to try all of Harley Waxing's ever-so-popular Film Waxes and decide which one is your favorite at a discounted price! Full-Size Pre and Post products are included in the kit to complement the Film wax treatments. 
Harley Film Wax is a spreadable hard wax that is designed for all-over body waxing.  Because it has the spreadability like a soft wax it is fantastic for larger areas but because it's a hard wax it is gentle enough for the small more intimate areas like facial, underarm, and Brazilian waxing too.  Making it a must-have for any waxing professional.

The Kit includes:

  • Summer Fruits Film Wax (1kg/2.2lb)
  • Lavender Film Wax (1kg/2.2lb)
  • Azulene Film Wax (1kg/2.2lb)
  • Cleanser & Toner
  • Pre-Oil 
  • After Oil 
  • Aloe Soothing Gel 
  • 4 pumps for the Pre and Post Products
  • 3 Empty Can for each Film Wax 
  • PDF Instructions EMAILED 

*Limited Quantities Available*

Where Can it be used?

This product can be used for both male & female clients.
Full-Body Waxing and All Skin Types
Facial - Brow, lip, chin, beard, nose, and ear
Body - Underarm, bikini, Brazilians, legs, arms, chest, and backs.

Directions for Use

Harley Film Waxes combine the best qualities of our Harley Hard Wax and Harley Soft Wax ranges. With an extra strong grip, less skin drag and no sticky residue the Harley Film Wax range makes it the perfect wax for waxing both large and small areas.

Directions For Use
Place wax into a wax heater at a low heat setting, occasionally stir the wax while slowly turning up the wax heater until you have a soft honey like consistency. Test the wax on the inside of your wrist to ensure it is at a comfortable temperature. Then prepare the skin by using Harley Cleanser & Toner. Next, apply a thin layer of Harley Pre-Wax Oil with a cotton pad. Load your spatula and deposit the wax onto the skin then quickly spread
the wax in the direction of the hair growth.

Once the wax has cooled and become slightly firm and not tacky, flick up a tab. Gripping the tab with one hand and firmly holding the skin with the other, remove the wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth in one quick motion and
immediately apply firm pressure with your hand to soothe and reduce redness. After treatment, tweeze away any stubborn hairs and apply Harley After Wax Oil or Harley Wax Aloe Gel to reduce redness and soothe the skin.


Azulene Film Wax Beads:
Colophonium, Cera Alba, Ethylene (VA Copolymer), Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Parfum, CI 61565 (D&C Green No.6), Azulene, Hexyl Cinnamal,
Hydroxycitronella, Linalool

Lavender Film Wax Beads:
Colophonium, Cera Alba, Ethylene (VA Copolymer), Lavandula Angustifolia, CI 60725 (D&C Violet No.2)

Summer Fruits Film Wax Beads:
Glyceryl Rosinate, Colophonium, Cera Flava, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, Ethylene/VA Copolymer, Cera Microcrystallina, Benzyl
Benzoate, Parfum, Mica, CI 73915

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What makes The "Find Your Film" Kit so special?