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Azulene Film Wax

The ultimate wax for intimate waxing treatments.

After much research and testing Harley Wax is proud to announce their latest waxing range: The Harley Film Wax Range.
A hybrid wax that provides all the comforts and easy application of a traditional hard wax coupled with the thin “spread-ability” of a Strip Wax.
This technologically advanced wax is fantastic for all intimate waxing from facial waxing to Brazilians making it a must have for any professional salon or spa.

What makes the Harley Film Wax unique?

  • Its performance is top notch. With the strength and pliability of a Harley Hard Wax it is able to remove hairs as short as 1mm, eliminating the need to tweeze. It is a technologically advanced wax and can be heated faster on a lower melting temperature.
  • It can be applied ultra finely, as you would with a Strip Wax and doesn’t require any strips when removing the wax.
  • This makes it a very economical wax and provides for simplistic waxing treatment that will ensure devoted clients.
  • As with all Harley Wax products, it has been manufactured according to high standards in the UK. Only the finest natural ingredients are used.
  • The Harley Azulene Film Wax contains special natural polymers to give it strength, flexibility and elasticity.
  • Azulene is an organic compound which is extracted from chamomile. It is known for having soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties on the skin.

Where Can it be used?
This product can be used for both male and female clients.

  • Facial - All Areas
  • Body - All Areas

*Please Note: This product is not microwaveable.

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